Core Ideology:

Core Purpose

Helping People and Inspiring Values

Core Values

  • Create Raving Fans - We want and strive for our customers to be our biggest fans. We strive to deliver an experience that cause them to rave about us from the top of their mountain. Nothing more thrilling than that!
  • Kaizen - The philosophy of continual incremental improvements. We are never satisfied. We will never be complacent. How can we do better? Where can we improve? How can we be more efficient? How can we continue to add value and create a better experience for our customers? The questions and the pursuit never stop.
  • Grow or Die - If you're not growing, your dying. It sounds harsh but it's true. Nealey Auto Service has a culture of training. We are growth junkies. Ben Franklin said it best: "If you empty your purse into your head, no one can take it away from you." We hope to inspire this value on our customers as well. Plant a seed, add water, nurture, watch it grow.
  • Humbly Confident - It's an ability to appear confident without arrogance, to be self-effacing while still projecting strength and competence. Traits include remaining open to feedback, being grounded, practice gratitude, take leaps of faith, live your potential and being present.
  • Be a Linchpin - Are you a cog in someone's machine? Or are you the linchpin in that machine? The cog is easily replaceable, but the linchpin holds it all together. Without the linchpin, the machine doesn't work. We want our employees to be linchpin's. To be indispensable. To be artists. To create.

Envisioned Future

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
10 Locations in 15 Years

Vivid Description

We will focus our energy on strategically acquiring existing automotive repair businesses that have a strong brand reputation and proper alignment of our core values. We will be the go-to resident expert for all of our raving fans’ automotive repair needs in the state of Maryland. We will empower and grow our employees to be loyal, lifelong family members and embrace the “Nealey Way.” Nealey Auto Service will be a household name.

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