Older Vehicle Policy

Older Vehicle Service Policy

At Nealey Auto Service, our current policy doesn't include working on vehicles 15 years or older. Given all the experience we've had working on older vehicles, we've come up against many complications that have given us reason to make some changes to our policy, which is done in the best interest of our business.

Here are a few reasons for the policy in place:

  • More often than not, most repairs required exceed the value of the vehicle.
  • We tend to see excessive rust and corrosion throughout the body and frame, which makes it more labor intensive and costly to perform similar repairs compared to newer vehicles.
  • It can be very difficult to find the parts required to properly repair vehicles of this vintage as they are often discontinued by the manufacturer. And, the quality control on parts that are available are inferior at best, which voids our 3-Year/36,000 Mile Parts AND Labor Warranty.
  • We are an advanced level shop, continually investing in state of the art training and tooling to work on today's advanced vehicles and their systems. That said, we may no longer support or carry the specific tooling that may be required to diagnose and repair these older vehicles (as they are often being phased out).

Bottom line: We do take in vehicles of this vintage on a case-by-case basis, as we have seen a small number of vehicles that have been extremely well maintained that can be an exception to this policy. However, all work performed on these vehicles is considered non-routine work and an estimate is hard to determine until we perform our initial inspection. If we do agree to proceed with any work on your vehicle after an initial inspection:

  • We will not provide our standard 3-Year/36,000 Mile Parts AND Labor Warranty.
  • You consent to any/all repairs performed without any warranties or guarantees.
  • Due to the unknown nature of these repairs, you are also aware that it may be discovered (while the repairs are being performed) that additional parts and labor are required.