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5-Year/50,000 Mile Parts and Labor NATIONWIDE Warranty

Industry Leading Warranty | Nealey Auto Service

If you are having an issue with a covered repair and you are outside a 25 mile radius from the Nealey location where services were performed, you must call 1-800-477-6686 to start the claim process.

If you are having an issue and are within a 25 mile radius from the Nealey location where services were performed, you must contact us directly at 410-443-0186 for the issue to be covered.

Terms of our warranty are below:

Our standard warranty policy on any mechanical repair is 5 years from the date of install or 50,000 miles from the installed mileage on your invoice. Vehicles used for commercial purposes come with a 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty that is measured in the same standard.

Any used parts or customer supplied parts have no warranty attached and you should not assume so. Any performance modified vehicles also do not come with any warranty.

If you have an issue that you feel may be a related warrantable issue, Nealey Auto Service will need to determine the failure and apply for warranty assistance. We do not have the ability to file for warranty assistance if you choose to have the vehicle repaired elsewhere and then bring in an invoice for reimbursement. This action will negate your warranty agreement with Nealey Auto Service and our suppliers.

In the event of a vehicle failure, contact Nealey Auto Service. You must return to Nealey Auto Service for any repair for any type of warranty to be considered. If another repair facility performs a repair in connection with our area of repair, warranty can be denied.

ASE Certified | Nealey Auto Service

All part failure warranties are financially covered by the manufacturer/distributor of the installed part. All rules and regulations pertaining to a warranty repair must be adhered to by their rules in order for any coverage to apply.

Any abuse, neglect or tampering with a certified repair will negate your warranty. If your vehicle is not operating properly, it is your responsibility to get the vehicle shut down and returned to Nealey Auto Service to avoid any additional damage that may be caused by a failure. Your warranty may cover the part and the labor to replace the part but not any additional damage caused by running in a failure situation.

As the owner of the vehicle, you may be required to be responsible for any testing that may be needed to determine the cause of any failure. In many cases, if the failure can be deemed a covered parts warranty failure, the manufacturer and/or the distributor may cover the cost of the testing accrued.

ASE Certified badge | Nealey Auto Service

If you have a new part installed and it fails as a result of a defect in the part itself or the workmanship in which it was installed, Nealey Auto Service will acquire a replacement part and install it at no labor cost up to the amount that was charged for the original install.

In the event that the part failure is caused due to another issue that affects this repair, you will be required to make the proper and necessary repair in order to prevent reoccurrence and warranty coverage.

If a part is replaced under warranty, the remaining time period left in that repair will continue from the date/miles(whichever comes 1st) that the part was originally installed. If the part fails a second time, you may be required to be responsible for additional testing to determine the cause of the repeated failure.

Any decline in recommended and or required repairs, can/will result in forfeit of any warranty if it directly affects the repair.

In any event of warranty, advisors of Nealey Auto Service will work as your advocates to claim warranties.

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